So, Lewis Hamilton’s good fortune brought Mercedes back to within four points of Ferrari at the top of the #F1 Constructors’ Championship at the weekend. Courtesy of the unfortunate Bottas’s blowout it may have been, and it remains a battle of two, perhaps three drivers in 2018.  Constructors’ honours are within the reach of two, perhaps three teams this season if you still give Aston Martin powered Red Bull Racing a chance after their unfortunate outing at Baku. Supercar brands at the very top of their game. This is what keeps so many of us riveted to F1.

One of the joys of F1,  for afficionados of the world’s classic supercar brands, is seeing the pinnacle of automotive technology embodied within their chosen marque and expressed in these beautiful, lean, stripped-down masterpieces being pushed to their limits  around the world’s greatest motor racing circuits.

As predicted by many, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari have all been competitive in the first four Grands Prix of the year. With a lack of consistency in driver, car and team strategy performances, no team or driver has yet emerged as a favourite. A fascinating further 17 out of 21 races remain in this long 2018 F1 season.

Supercar brands on the track.

Supercar Finance may not yet have its own F1 Team but the upside of this is that we can remain truly objective and observe with professional interest while the teams and constructors and the supercar brands  we love battle it out for technological and marque supremacy. The aspirational racing we see in F1 has a real impact on the shape of the UK car market, not just at the high-value end where the supercar brands live, but across the board.

Supercar brands on the road.

We’re always aware of the influence of F1 on the supercar finance packages we arrange and there’s no doubt that many of our customers evidence loyalty to Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin – and the other marques of course – reflected in the luxury, performance, supercars and hypercars we are asked to arrange finance for.

At the road-going end of the scale for each of the current Championship-leading marques we’re genuinely excited by some of the 2018 launches.  Amongst the standouts of these are the 488 Pista, the new Vantage and the four-door Mercedes AMG GT coupe.

Please bear in mind, if you are someone who likes to take to the track, at Supercar Finance, we are also experts in specialist racing car finance.